Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Message to All Unite Member in Wales

I hope that the link to the following blog article is understood not as an attack on the trade union movement, but an honest evaluation of comments from the current UNITE Cymru leader Andy Richards. I believe that he has let both his union and the movement down in his attack on Plaid Cymru and our leader Leanne Wood AM.

Please feel free to comment, as Plaid are always happy to talk about what it best for the trade union movement; thousands of our party members also being proud union members. We would also very much welcome a response from Andy Richards, as we believe he owes an explanation.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Regional Pay - Where Plaid Stands

There has been remarkably little comment from the Labour party today on Regional pay, despite there being a debate on this crucial issue in Westminster. Labour MPs from Wales appeared more concerned about what would happen to their constituencies due to boundary commission changes, than they did about their public sector employee constituents.

Fortunately, Wales has Plaid Cymru MPs to represent the nation and speak up for all our communities. Please follow the link below: -

Why not join a party that fights for Wales 365 days a year and not one that does so only when their London boss allows them?