Sunday, 28 February 2010

Labour v Tories & Cuts. The Difference Is?

As far as I can see, the only difference between the Tories and Labour in terms of cuts to the public sector, is that the Tories will start earlier. The savage nature of the cuts appear to be similar-it's just about the timing.

Both intend to keep Trident
Both are letting off the banks without too much interference (no change there then)
Both intend to savage the Civil Service
Both intend to savage Local Government
Both are refusing to give Wales a fair funding formula
Both intend to stay in Afghanistan for years
Both intend to remain over-reliant on the financial sector for economic growth
Both refuse to sign up to employment legislation currently protecting all other EU states
Both are wriggling out of rail investment in Wales; either electrification or rolling stock

It is very convenient for Labour to paint the Tories as the bogeymen, as it diverts attention away from their own cuts agenda. There are debts to be paid and no-one questions that in the global market we live in. However, do they really need to be paid off so fast and why are so many billions wasted in tax avoidance and on pointless 'offence' systems like Trident?

As with our family budgets, shouldn't they be cutting the luxuries before the basic needs?

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