Monday, 8 March 2010

PCS pickets success

PCS pickets in Wrecsam reported great success outside the JobCentre, courts and the large HMRC tax office.
 They were joined by Plaid Cymru North Wales AM Janet Ryder (pictured above) and local Plaid councillors, who got a great reception not least because they brought pickets at the Grosvenor Road site bacon butties and mugs of coffee!
 Janet Ryder was also present when a senior tax office manager tried to throw her weight around by questioning the number of pickets. After trying to claim that only six were allowed per entrance by law, she was quickly corrected by pickets. Little did she realise that she was talking to an expert in labour law as well as the regional Assembly Member.
 There was also support from the fast-growing North Wales Shop Stewards Network, which has quickly established itself as a grassroots campaigning group of trade unionists. In the past few months they have shown solidarity with various pickets in Wrecsam including those by the RMT railworkers, CWU posties and UCU lecturers at Glyndwr as well as today's PCS pickets.

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