Tuesday, 16 November 2010

For Job Insurance, Join a Union

Yesterday's announcement about the proposed change to Legal Aid, was probably one of the best recruiting tools for the trade union movement in recent years. The decision to remove legal aid for almost all Employment Tribunal cases will yet again, drive home the importance of being in a trade union.

What is probably not known by many employees, is that employment law is actually stacked against the individual, even if your workplace has an active trade union. On top of this, there even scumbags out there who are employed at great expense, to advise employers on how to sack workers quickly and cheaply. Consequently, the free legal support that all legitimate trade unions offer is a vital service.

So if you thought that you could get away with not joining a union to save a few pounds, then think again after this Tory proposal. The unions may not be perfect, but they are the best job insurance money can buy!

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