Friday, 11 February 2011

A Frantic Time for Union Reps

Trade union activity within the union movement has never been so busy -  and I speak from personal expereince. The combination of cuts, re-organisation linked to the cuts, single status, job evaluation and welfare issues for poorly paid staff has produced a 'perfect storm' of casework.

Obviously, no-one is happy about the cuts but as reps, we have to put political stance aside and ensure our members stay in a job; preferably on or about their current salary. This is going to prove a real challenge for many. Without wanting to be too party political in such trying times, it speaks volumes that the two stand-out Welsh Councils for treating their staff particularly badly, are the two Labour controlled Councils.

This fact has caused no end of problems for both Labour and their friends in many of the leader's post within the unions. The wall of silence from many of these leaders has not gone un-noticed by the membership, despite Labour's best efforts. Perhaps the leaders should ask whether there maybe a link between some of their blind support for Labour despite their member's other priorities and their inability to recruit young people into unions?

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