Thursday, 24 March 2011

Apologies for Not Attending London

As a trade unionist in Local Government, I wanted to attend the rally in London this Saturday but it did clash with our conference in Cardiff. However, I wish all the marchers well and hope (rather than expect) that the LibCons realise that the cuts are actually damaging the economy and not saving it.

However, any thoughts I mighty have had about skipping conference were soon forgotten after receiving a mailing from my union this week from my Wales union boss, inviting me to join the Labour party. Not only was this rather annoying, but the rest of the literature then linked directly the march this weekend to supporting Labour. Hang on a minute I asked myself, but wasn't it this lot in charge when the economy got in such a mess in the first place?

Well, not according to the junk mail in front of me. They also neglected to mention that if they had won the British election last year, that their cuts on Wales would have been almost identical to what the LibCons are foisting on us. You better get used to this nonsense, as Labour will repeat it again and again over the coming weeks, in the hope that you actually believe it.

I for one have no intention of attending a rally hijacked by Labour as a recruitment campaign, courtesy of my own union.

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