Monday, 27 June 2011

Who's For a P.T.A. Punch-Up?

I have to admit not being a massive fan of the current British Government, but even this cynical soul was shocked by the sheer vindictiveness of current British Education Minister Michael Gove. This diplomatic genius thinks that is would be a 'spiffing wheeze' to get parents to break the lawful teachers strike on Thursday, encouraging a direct conflict between the two groups that need to work more closely together, if education standards are to improve.

Of course, Gove and co are not after a deal, for they have smelt the blood of unions not having public support and an opposition in Labour, actually backing the Tory position. They want capitulation from the unions leading to the eventual collapse of the main public sector pensions, or victory through failed strikes and carte blanche to do what they like, as well as the same collapse of the public sector pensions.

So what are Labour doing to defend their union friends you may well ask? Well to quote the bard, bugger all. In fact they are doing worse than this and criticising any strike action so to avoid upsetting the Sun readership, as well as 'having an internal review'. I wait with interest to see what the big union leaders do, when 'their party' turns on them in their hour of need in the coming months. Just how will they spin that to their members?

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