Saturday, 17 April 2010

Look Out Unions. Here Comes Clegg

After the recent UK/English election debate on ITV, you may be under the false impression that the Liberal Democrats are the sort of progressive party that would open their arms to modern trade unions.

Guess again.

When the Unite dispute was on at its height with British Airways and reports came to light of trade union stewards being openly intimidated by BA managers, did the Lib Dems jump to the workers defence? Oh , no. They were too busy calling for an investigation into Gordon Brown's treatment of his staff. How principled.

Guess who wants to slash Local Government pensions as part of their public sector cuts, accepting without question the inaccurate Tory press version of the current state of the public sector pension schemes?

Guess which Wannabe Chancellor said in the recent ' Chancellor debate' that trade unions should be banned from taking industrial action in 'essential services', leaving open the definition of such areas of work? Thanks for that Vince.

When you attempt to be all things to all people, it's inevitable that sometimes you come unstuck.

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