Monday, 26 April 2010

Brown Double-Speak on Public Sector Pensions & Services

At a rally of a Nursing Union in England today, Gordon Brown promised to protect the pension rights of nurses. This gained spontaneous applause from the members gathered in the hall. However, have a look at what he was promising, which was actually protection for exisitng nurses. Any new nurses joining the profession get an inferior pension, compliments of Gordon Brown.

In fact, all three main UK parties intend to go after the public sector pensions in order to save cash, with some of the harshest words coming from 'radical' the Lib Dems. With all three main parties also promising a level of protection to the NHS, guess who is really going to get it in the neck?

Local Government is in for an absolute kicking, starting the next financial year and with a further level of protection being given to Education, huge swathes of Council Services could well no longer exist in 2 or 3 years time. The main parties are quite happy to talk about immigration, Afganistan, tax and anything else that diverts them from the cuts agenda they are desperate not to debate.

It's a shame that the public sector unions do not have the bottle to expose Labour and Brown, for their double-speak and shocking hypocrisy.

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