Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Trade Unionists - What's Your Poison?

Tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of public sector workers will be asked to choose which poison they would prefer to consume, as a consequence of corrupt and greedy bankers. None of the options are particularly appetising for them, which may explain the huge number of undecided voters still to be found on all the party's canvassing records.

Labour are once again playing the 'Tories are Evil' card which was not working before the UK leader's debacle and is not working now. This explains Hain's desperate plea for his core support to vote Lib Dem, where it is the only way to beat the 'evil' Tories. This has infuriated Labour activists and goes some way to explaining why Hain was so unpopular in the deputy leader election. They don't like him very much. Fancy calling for your members to take an action that would actually lead to you being expelled from your party?

I am not going to claim that Plaid can stop the cuts in Wales, but I will claim that if we get the chance in a balanced Parliament to raise our baseline of funding by £300 million-then we will lessen the pain of the cuts. We are the only party to support fair funding for Wales and our first and only priority will be essential public services. Now if Labour were the friend of the public sector unions, why can't they match this promise?

Tomorrow's election will commence an attack on the most vunerable people in Wales; led by a London political elite who have left the very richest largely untouched by tax rises. Plaid's roll will be to do all it can to defend these people and the more MPs we get, the more we can do. You can't say that you weren't warned.

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